May 1, 2024

A happy church and rugby club wedding day

There are some people that just always see the good in everything. I’m pretty sure Helena is the leader of that group.

As we were leaving the church, these epic thunderstorms started and Helena proclaimed “I love thunder!” Nothing was going to wipe the smile of this bride’s face during their big day. 

I wasn’t so sure as I worried about my cameras getting wet and dashed to the car and worried about where we’d do family photos at the venue and a million other things.

Mike and Helena moved among their guests happily having enjoyed a beautiful ceremony that included the christening of their young son in the middle (a first for me!) and group shots inside didn’t phase them either. 

They enjoyed speeches before dinner, including Helena doing a fabulous speech, and then the most incredible thing happened…

The rain stopped and rewarded them with a huge rainbow during their wedding breakfast.

Always a silver lining to be found. And a reminder to be more Helena!

This was such a lovely day joining two gentle and kind souls that started a relationship by walking miles during covid lockdowns. By Mike’s own admission he’s surprised Helena took a second look at her because he was constantly wearing a sketchy looking beanie to cover up his terrible lockdown haircut! I’m so glad she did because these two are the real deal.

If you’re still searching for a wedding photographer or are getting married at Old Albanian Rugby Club and you’d like to see if my style of happy, relaxed wedding photography might fit into your wedding day, let’s have a chat and see if we’re a good fit!

Confetti toss outside St Albans Register Office with bride holding dried flower bouquet

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