May 10, 2024

A beautiful church ceremony and barn reception

Jeremy’s never had much luck with birds.

As Jay, the best man said in his very funny speech, once, Jay saw him get full out attacked by a swan and another time attacked by a pigeon.

Jay pointed out that Jeremy’s luck with birds changed the day he met Helena.

These two are, obviously, a picture-perfect pair, but so much more than that. They are truly lucky to have found each other.

They are the kindest people you could hope to meet. Endlessly concerned with the happiness of each other (and their guests and suppliers all day despite it being their wedding day). Infinitely well-matched. A joy to be in the company of.

Jeremy is a mad Pokemon fan and got Helena a custom made Pokemon card which brought her to tears as you’ll see.Jeremy opted to get married in Helena’s childhood church where she was christened. Helena gifted Jeremy a box of photos from their relationship together with memories written on the backs.

They both made selfless micro choices all day long and showed their love through their actions. 

This was a beautiful day because of all the styling at Tewinbury Farm of course, but mostly beautiful because of two people so desperately happy to be married to each other.

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Bride and groom laugh during confetti canon leaving St Michaels Manor outdoor wedding ceremony

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