March 19, 2019

Richmond family photographer: freezing photos in Bushey Park

Photographing returning wedding couples

I know I start most blog posts saying this but I just adore it when couples I have photographed getting married come back to me with their growing families.  Kat & Andy got married in a beautiful humanist ceremony under a blossom tree in her family’s garden a number of years ago.  It was such a fab day and so uniquely them that I think back on it so happily.  So, it was such a pleasure to meet little Riley, their gorgeous son to take some freezing photos in Bushey Park.

A freezing cold day for a family photoshoot

The weather was totally not in their favour.  Although it was a beautifully sunny day, it was absolutely bitter!  Riley was such a little trooper though.  At first, he was a little diffident but just waking up from a nap to a freezing cold day will do that to the best of us 😉  If you ever wonder about kids that aren’t that keen on having their photos taken, have a read of this post I wrote recently.

He soon got into the swing of things, making his Mum and Dad giggle away, chasing dogs and finding awesome logs to jump off.  He really is such a sweet little boy and I had so much fun hanging out with the three of them.

After your family photos

Kat opted to have her photos printed onto wooden desk frames for the grandparents which turned out so nicely.  So glad that I could help them out with Christmas presents (yep, still behind on the blogging!)

I’m super excited to be seeing this family again soon as they take me on holiday with them to Portugal to get some holiday family photos.  I love it when families invest in their family photography on a regular basis to capture their changing family. I’m hoping, for everyone’s sake, that Portugal will deliver better weather than Bushey Park in November!

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