June 28, 2018

Knebworth Barns wedding photographer: Charlotte & Peter

I’d never worked as a Knebworth Barns wedding photographer and it’s a venue that’s been on my wish list a little while. I really couldn’t think of a nicer wedding to have photographed there!

One of my favourite moments of the day was when Charlotte was able to sneak off for a few bridal photos. During this time, I was asking her about how she and Pete met. Not only could she not stop smiling when she was talking about their first meeting, but the things she said about him were just so genuinely full of love and joy. Of course, I won’t repeat them all (don’t want Pete getting too big headed!) but she talked about the lovely, sweet, shy boy she’d first gone on a date with, who was the biggest gentleman she’d ever had the pleasure of knowing. And I couldn’t agree more.  Pete is a gentleman through and through – always looking out for Charlotte’s happiness on the day and unfailingly thoughtful and polite. Charlotte compliments this perfectly; a little more outgoing perhaps but equally thoughtful of others, kind and good hearted.

Their wedding reflected this perfectly. Charlotte had thought of every last detail to make the day enjoyable for their guests. The wedding was also styled to perfection with a Tiffany blue theme (right down to all the sweets on their candy bar!). That, however, wasn’t what made this wedding such a complete pleasure. It was Charlotte’s beaming grin coming down the aisle to Pete; Charlotte’s eyes filling with tears reading the sweet, romantic letter Pete sent her in the morning; it was Pete’s lovely words about Charlotte during the speeches; it was the looks they gave each other when they thought nobody else was watching them. That being said, a gorgeous venue, staggeringly good weather and fun guests also didn’t hurt!!

I’ll let the photos show you their day, but it really was a corker. Thank you both so much for having me there.

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