Winter is also a great time for having Christmassy adventures, snowball fights or simply cuddling up at home. Even though it can be a bit chilly, who doesn’t look cute snuggled up in a scarf and hat?!

Documentary family photoshoots can happen anytime and anywhere

The great thing about opting for a documentary (i.e. unposed) family photoshoot is that the weather becomes largely irrelevant. You don’t need to have set activities that rely on good weather.

indoor family photoshoot weather not sunny

For example, if you want posed photos sitting on a log then yes, you really do NEED that dry day and sunny weather. If you want some authentic photos that capture the real essence of your family, then does it matter if it rains?

The photos you receive will reflect the reality of your family. You parent on sunny days, rainy days and all the days when you just want to crawl under the covers!

rainy day family photo session at home in st albans

Your favourite family activities

If you are a family that loves to hike even if it’s raining then carry on (I will bring a raincoat!). If you’re a family of homebodies then stay put and play board games or do crafts. Is your family obsessed with winter sports or loves trick and treating together? These photos will be equally representative of your family routines.

Summer doesn’t equal better.


winter family photography hertfordshire

Now is the perfect time of year for your photoshoot

If you wait until next summer, the biggest downside is that you’re putting off capturing your now. Those moments will be lost forever. Your kids will be a whole year older by summer. Maybe you’ll have missed their learning to walk phase, or they’ll be heading into a new school year. If you keep rescheduling on rainy days then you are saying your family life isn’t worth capturing unless the sun is shining.

Get in touch below to get a date in the diary, whatever the weather 🙂

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