February 20, 2021

How to create easy stop motion videos with your kids

In this blog I’ll explain how to create an easy stop motion video with your child using any camera you have to hand. This blog will help you film a simple stop motion video and show you how to edit it, plus there are a few how examples and how not to videos below so read on!

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What is stop motion

How to shoot stop motion

How to edit your video

making simple stop motion with dslr


Stop motion is where photos are captured one at a time and in between each one items are moved slightly so it seems as if objects are moving. The most famous stop motion films are probably the Wallace and Gromit films, or Ray Harryhausen, if you’re a little bit more alternative.


1. Have a think about your stop motion story

A word to the wise, start easy! Pick a favourite toy and come up with a simple story. Grayson came up with THE MOST COMPLEX story straight off the bat. We rolled back to his baby hedgehog walking across the screen until we’d practised a bit! Even by the end, trying to master story, focus, tiny movements etc in one go is a lot…

2. Find a camera to film your stop motion video

You can do this with any camera you have to hand. iPhone, Android, compact camera, DSLR… you pick your poison.

3. Stabilise your camera – this step is critical!

You can do this in a number of ways…

If you have a tripod: this will keep you steady. If you want to film down on your story then put your tripod on a table and weigh it down.

simple stop motion animation with iphone

If you don’t have a tripod: find a flat surface like the floor or a table. You want something that will stop the camera wiggling.

If you don’t stabilise your camera, it becomes really apparent in your final stop motion clip.

Here is an example… in this video the camera is on the carpet and the background stays nice and still.

Here I handhold the camera (and while I exaggerate for effect) it’s near impossible to hold the camera in exactly the same position and you can see what happens to the background.

4. Time to take your photos

It’s pretty simple!

Take a photo. Make a tiny change. Take another photo. Make a tiny change. Continue until your story is complete!


1. Stitch your photos together to create your stop motion film

There are various free softwares you can use to create a stop motion clip such as Filmorapro or Animoto both of which are very easy to use.

I made this in iMovie which is included software if you have a Mac. I’ll run through the steps quickly below for how to do this.

  1. Create a new project > movie
  2. Import your media and drag all your photos in – they will all appear in the “My Media” section
  3. Click on the top iMovie menu (next to the Apple in the top menu) > Preferences > change photo duration to 0.1s. This changes all the photos to the shortest possible time before you add them to your project otherwise you have to change them all individually which takes a while!
  4. Select all photos and drag them to the bottom panel. Hit the space bar. It should now play your stop motion video with each photo being 0.1s each.
  5. File > share > export your video

Easy peasy!

This was Grayson’s second attempt at a stop motion. Not bad for a four year old huh?! We still have some practicing to do but it was so much fun to make so I’d highly recommend giving it a go with your kid. I’d LOVE to see your videos if you give it a try…

A poll on my Instagram story showed that people wanted to know how to make easy stop motion videos with their own kids, so this is why I wrote this. If you have anything else you’d love to know about to do with photography or photography ideas with your kids, just drop a comment below and I’ll figure it out! If you’re looking for another (slightly easier!) indoor activity check out how to make rainbow rice

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