March 4, 2021

4 reasons to take your photographer on holiday

Ever considered holiday photography?

I know the world is topsy-turvy at the moment and it’s hard to imagine if it’s ever going to get back to normal. One of the hard things for me is not being able to plan our next big adventure. But, there is hope on the horizon and there has been a massive number of staycation and holiday bookings for this summer.

Further into the future, whether your family loves skiing or beaches or crazy adventures, we’ll be back to far-flung travel before you know it! I hope we’ll do it in a more environmentally responsible way but we’ll see…

My big question to you is… have you ever considered having a photographer accompany you on your adventures? Here’s a couple of reasons why you really should take your photographer on holiday…

st albans family photographer on holiday

Reason 1 – you’re the most chilled out version of yourselves on holiday

You know how when you’re on holiday, you forget the stresses of everyday life and become the most chilled version of yourself? Being super chilled out means you are totally relaxed in front of the camera and can just get on with enjoying time with your family. That results in more natural, gorgeous family photos for you.

take your photographer on holiday from St Albans

Reason 2 – escape the distractions of your home life

At home we’re all distracted by endless to-do-lists of tasks that need our attention. I’ve been at shoots where Dad is checking in on work emails, kids are checking on phone pings, Mum is multitasking with other jobs and so on. No distractions that bog you down in daily life, mean you focus inward on family and enjoy your time together. It also means you are more in the moment.

Not only does this give you better photos but it actually delivers a better life experience while you enjoy a few hours out to enjoy your photoshoot experience together.

take your photographer on holiday from St Albans

Reason 3 – gamble on the weather

Let’s get real, the weather isn’t always on our side in the UK.

If you love being outdoors then having a holiday in Europe gives you a good chance of having the weather on your side. Whether you love building sandcastles or your dream is chilling by your private pool or ski slopes and hot chocolates at après ski all these activities can be photographed beautifully under sunny skies.

Saying that if we get another summer like we did last year in the UK then I’m always going to holiday in the UK!

take your photographer on holiday from St Albans

Reason 4 – it’s easier than you might think

While it may seem insurmountable to take someone away with you on holiday it’s really easy to achieve.

With so much of Europe being service by budget airlines adding on a set of flights (when booked in advance) can add next to nothing on to your photoshoot. If you schedule your family photoshoot for while you’re away and plan in advance, it means you end up with truly one of a kind photos for your family album. The frequency of flights to most European destinations mean that catching the first flight out in the morning and last flight back in the evening means there isn’t anything like accommodation to worry about; it’s just one set of flights!

With a UK holiday then it’s just a car journey to get to you so it’s no different to joining you at home!

take your photographer on holiday from St Albans

As an added benefit, for Kat and Andy (shown in these photos in Portugal) because of the way the flights worked out I ended up with them for hours longer than the normal shoot length. I’m there anyway so I might as well photograph anyway right?

For your next summer sunshine or winter ski adventure why not consider a holiday photography shoot? If you want to see the natural family photos you could end up with just click that link or all the information about the whole process of having a family photoshoot can be found there. I’d love to chat to you about your next adventure to see if this might work for your family – simply book a natter on the button at the bottom of the page (no obligation of course!)

take your photographer on holiday from St Albans

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