May 24, 2021

5 common reasons you’ve been putting off booking a family photo session

If you’ve been considering booking a family photo session, you’ll probably have lots of concerns, hopes and questions. After working with loads of families just like yours over the last decade I can take a pretty good guess at what they are so let’s chat about them!

One: You don’t like having your photo taken and worry about not liking the photos?

I hear ya! We all feel nervous about this because we aren’t used to having our photo taken in a family photo session scenario. I also feel I’m increasingly critical of myself the older I get (and I think women are very brutal on themselves in pictures).

newborn baby being cuddled after home birth in st albans

We’re more used to the occasional selfie these days and know we have complete control over the delete button and what sees the light of day!

It’s absolutely my job to get the best photos of your family moments where the love and happiness between you all is captured – both in the gently posed moments and the candid ones. What I do is so far removed from the posed, stiff studio photography experience you might have had as a kid or might be expecting. You can choose to be outdoors on location or at your own home (or a combo of the two) so you’re in a familiar environment and we’ll just be hanging out enjoying family time.

St Albans family photography

You might feel a bit nervous at first but you’ll relax into it and forget I’m there. I can’t tell you how many people have said they couldn’t believe they “actually enjoyed it” or felt like they were just hanging out with a buddy!

In truth, it’s actually great if you’re a little nervous because it shows you really care about having those heart-bursting images of your family. It shows that this is an experience that really means something to you. And that’s wonderful, because it should! Photography is a wonderful experience to be investing in for your family now and for you children’s future.

Give it a go, what have you got to lose…!

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yawning baby holds mums finger during family photoshoot

Two: Are you worried that you won’t get those photos you dream of?

I know that when you’re making an investment in a family photoshoot you have photos in mind; you want to look fabulous, you want hubby to cooperate, you’d love the kids to be in adorable mode and you dream of the perfect family photo (even if you don’t want to admit it!)

The little moments of your family life are genuinely where the magic happens and those are the photos you will, in all likelihood, look back on and treasure. When they’ve stopped sticking their bottom lip out in a mood, you’ll love the grumpy faces even more if you have them captured.

The best advice I can give you is to just roll with it! I have a bizarre knack with even the most stubborn of kids and you’ll look back and laugh at whatever phase they were in. Plus, the poorly timed black eye is all in the rich patchwork of childhood, although I know you’re probably groaning at the timing!

take your photographer on holiday from St Albans

Furthermore, a shoot with me is so relaxed and chilled out that it’ll be impossible for everyone to resist enjoying themselves. This means you’ll get those smile filled, happy photos you dream of.

You’ll end up with the gorgeous framed images that will make your heart do a little happy dance every time you see them and will make your friends jealous. The ones that remind you what a great job you’re doing as a parent, raising great little humans and what a wonderful family you’ve built.

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Redbourn family photography at home
Hertfordshire family photoshoot, Redbourn family photographer

Three: You’re waiting to move house?

This is a big one I hear from people all the time. Maybe it is that the house is being worked on or you’re waiting to move or you need to redecorate or have a huge declutter. Or you need to lose weight? Or get your kid sleeping through the night? Or wait for the terrible twos to end so the tantrums stop?

All of these are, genuinely, just excuses.

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The longer you spend not booking a photo shoot the more time you haven’t got captured in photos and that’s a real shame. Kids grow up insanely fast; I feel like it was just yesterday that I was holding my son for the first time and he’s already at school.

Let me into your world to capture your world in all it’s beautiful ordinary so you have these wonderful family moments to look back on.

little boy licking his plate at home in st albans

Four: You’re too busy for family photos

If you’re anything like the majority of people “get amazing family photos taken” has probably been languishing on the to do list for some time, but never quite makes it to the top of the list.

climbing frame, photographer in harpenden, photos in the garden, photos at home

We all live busy lives in this day and age and spend so much time running from one activity to another.

I appreciate that finding and booking a photographer can seem super overwhelming but let me put your mind at rest as you’re already on my site.

The process of booking with me goes a little like this:

  1. Book a no obligation call and we’ll have a little natter to meet. You find out if I’m a good fit for your family and I answer any questions you have & put your mind at rest.
  2. You book a session and leave everything to me. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way.
  3. A session with me is so chill that it fits seamlessly into your life and can be combined with any family adventure so takes up no time that you’re not already spending having fun – simple!
documentary photoshoot, Hertfordshire family photographer, st albans family photographer, bath time photos
Hertfordshire family photographer, st albans family photographer

Five: Worried you’ll want all of the gorgeous photos I take of your family?

Is it all about the money? Are you also now singing that Jessie J song?! You’re welcome!

This is exactly why I have a super affordable session fee that really just ensures we both turn up on the day and covers my time shooting!

Then once you’ve seen your family photos after your photo session you can decide how you’d like to display them; gorgeous albums or frames, prints or digital images.

And I can help with flexible payments if you prefer to spread any costs out.

But there is absolutely zero sleazy sales from me. It’s all about me helping you getting the photos you want in the way that you want them. And so, you can decide on how much, or little, to invest in your photos.

boy in PJ mask costume eats breakfast with tired mum

Plus, I am completely upfront about the costs so make sure you get in touch for a full pricing guide. I have no interest in doing a bait and switch so you’ll have all the information before booking a shoot with me to make an informed decision.

Family photography is an investment; in your family now and in your future so your children have these moments and memories to look back on.

I hope that’s helped allay some of your worries about having a family shoot, but if I haven’t nailed your worries then check out some of the other FAQs that I get or drop me a line and I’ll happily answer your questions. I can’t wait to photograph your family soon.

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