Are the words swimming on the page in front of you right now? You must be exhausted having just brought a human into the world or suddenly found yourself living with your newly adopted child.

The tiredness is like nothing else, isn’t it? But if I promise to keep this short, will you try and take these five easy newborn photos so that you have some memories of the first few weeks with your little bundle of joy?

You can take all of these newborn photos while barely moving your exhausted feet! Try them after a feed or during nap time and you can easily get all five in a few short minutes. Then get yourself to bed for a power nap too!

1.The entire cot

This photo is easier to do on a little stool so you have a bit of height. It’s a great photo to show how teeny your baby is in comparison to the cot that they’ll one day be too big to sleep in. You can totally do this in a moses basket too, but cots just give you a little more blank space to work with.

newborn baby lying in cot

2. The full body shot

You can simply zoom your camera in a little from your vantage point on the stool (or come closer if you’re using a cameraphone).  The cot will give you a really simple background with no clutter so you can see all their cuteness in one photo…

newborn baby fast asleep on back in cot

3. The close up

Move a little closer and get a close up of their gorgeous little face. You can play around with angles until you get a photo you love. You won’t regret taking the time to capture their cute little squishy features.

newborn baby close up photos while sleeping

4. A different perspective

Try bending down a little and taking a photo through the cot side. It shows where they are really well in terms of their environment, but still is an interesting picture for a framing. 

tips for photographing baby through cot side

5. The tiny details

“The days are long but the years are short” – I don’t think a truer statement has ever been muttered about being a parent! You know that before long they’ll be in bigger shoes than you and it’ll be hard to remember that their feet and hands were ever so dinky. I personally love how baby’s hair tends to stick up all over the place so I always try to get a top of head photo too.

newborn baby top of head and tiny toes

If you fancy trying editing the photos a bit then I love the simplicity of newborn photos in black and white (especially like Arthur here in a white cot). Plus all camera phones have a black and white filter which makes them all lovely and consistent and ready for printing or ready for sending out to everyone you’ve ever met so you can brag on how gorgeous your little bundle is!

I hope this has helped inspire you to get your phone or camera out and photograph your new addition to the family. Don’t forget, if even these easy newborn photos seem too much hard work, I can always come and take photos for you so you can be in the pictures too, just get in touch using the form below 🙂 Or if you want to find out how it is to work with me more first, check out this information page to find out a bit more about the whole process of a newborn shoot.

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