In case you aren’t feeling the whole parenting thing today, let me start by telling you this:

You are doing a GREAT job!

crying son sits on mums lap during a documtary family photoshoot
Keeping a human alive, especially one who is entirely reliant upon you, is no easy task.

Your days of parenting are long. You’re getting no time to yourself. Kids start the day ridiculously early, plus you’re probably surviving on broken sleep. Why don’t our babies understand about giving us a break?

boy eats breakfast in halloween costume

Life with children is messy, real and exhausting. And it’s tempting to wait until things are “better” one day to have those family photos taken. 

The idea of one day

One day, you’ll feel well rested again.

One day, you’ll get to have your cup of tea hot, without microwaving it six times.

One day, the house will be spotless again and you won’t step on Lego.

One day, you might get to shut the door and go to the loo alone.

One day, you’ll get out the door on time again.

I know that you want all of those things on occasion. So do I.

And maybe those feel like they’d be the right day for photos…

baby licking his plate in a highchair at home in st albans

The value in right now

The flipside of ‘one day’ finally arriving is…

One day, you’ll be well rested but also frustrated at dragging them out of bed.

One day, you might miss them pulling at your legs while you use the loo.

One day, you’ll be free to work and commit time to yourself again.

But they’ll need you less and you’ll miss these little moments.

mum has tea party with tiny teacup
So as hard as it feels some days, as exhausted as you are, as rubbish as you think you look, it’s always worth valuing your now. Don’t put off capturing your family memories just because you’re knackered with a lukewarm cuppa and have a piece of Lego between your toes 😉
happy family having fun at home during family photo session

As they always say, “this too shall pass” so hang in there. However, this bonkers stage of life will pass and become a distant memory. Your photos will be there to remind you about the beautiful, exhausting chaos that you lived.

Why not opt for some authentic family photos that will document the here and now for future you?

If you’re looking to have some heart-burstingly gorgeous family photos taken this is how the process with me works