July 16, 2016

St Albans maternity photographer: Kristina & David

St Albans maternity photographer: Kristina & Dave

It was such a pleasure to be able to photograph Kristina & Dave as they embarked on a very new, exciting part of their lives together. I love working as a St Albans maternity photographer as you get to see couples at their absolute most excited!

I also have the pleasure of knowing Kristina personally as she is another photographer so I was doubly excited.

We headed up to the forest land that we found locally to take some photos of them before their daughter joins them later in July. It was a truly beautiful evening; sunny and warm (in the sea of unfortunately terribly wet weather we’ve been experiencing). watching the sun go down over Sandridge while strolling through the long grasses and wild flowers I really feel like there was nowhere better to be in the world

Good luck Kristina and Dave with the safe arrival of your baby girl!

So although maternity shoots are a relatively new phenomenon in the UK, they’ve been around a fair while in the States. I cannot recommend investing in one highly enough. I have spoken to so many of my friends who say some of their most prized pictures of their Mums are while they were pregnant all those years ago. I haven’t ever seen a photo of my Mum pregnant and I would have loved to! I also believe that it’s a great way to mark your relationship before life alters and two becomes three!

If you’re interested in having me document your pregnancy and subsequent new addition to the family I’d love to chat you about it! You can see more natural and happy family photos and how the whole process works here and then please do get in touch!

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