December 3, 2019

Sunny day leaf fights in Clarence Park, St Albans

Sunny days and leaf fights in Clarence Park, St Albans

I love it when people local to me in St Albans find me for family photo shoots. Daniella saw me recommended on local Facebook group, St Albans Mums, and we seemed to hit it off immediately so she booked up an autumn mini shoot slot to get her photos ready for their Christmas cards.

I could not believe how lucky they were with the weather given how foul it was both the day before and the day after their sunny shoot. Sadly, it didn’t help me remember not to lie down to get a photo and end up absolutely drenched from the waterlogged ground. Hey ho, you live, you learn!

Daniella and her family have only recently moved to St Albans from New York so I was delighted to be able to show them around this lovely local park, especially on such a sunny day. Their gorgeous boys had a great time tearing around the park and using the playground. But the real highlight for me was watching these four fun-loving folks get into a big old leaf fight.

St Albans parks

If you’ve not checked out Clarence Park, it’s a great park to have a wander around. And if you have been to Clarence Park but are yet to check out some of the other local parks, I wrote a blog post earlier in the year about some of my favourites so get a roundup of the top five parks in St Albans here.

In love with life

In advance of their photoshoot, Daniella described her family to me as in love with life. I often wonder about that phrase because don’t we all think we’re in love with life? Otherwise what is the point. However, I can attest that these guys are totally in LOVE with life! They just got stuck in to absolutely everything.

They all ended up absolutely filthy, covered in mud with bits of leaves stuck in their hair and all sorts. But, they were laughing the heads off. I really felt like I was watching a ‘how to parent perfectly’ video – it was so awesome!  There was no thought of anything else in the world apart from enjoying their family time. I absolutely love parents that just get stuck in without worrying about getting a few muddy footprints on their jeans!

You’d not believe it but Daniella actually said she was pretty nervous before their shoot. She wrote a lovely testimonial from their shoot, which you can read all about on this page here.

Why not join me?

If you would like to be the first in the know about the next set of mini shoots I run, whenever they may be, then let me know below and I can add you to my mailing list. Or if you’re around St Albans and looking for a family photographer to update your family photos then get in touch and I can send you over some more information 🙂

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