November 13, 2018

Welwyn family photographer: an autumnal stroll round Stanborough Park

Welwyn and WGC family photographer: an autumnal stroll round Stanborough Park

I love working as a Welwyn and WGC family photographer, which I happily get to do a fair bit.  I met up again with Becky, Pete and their gorgeous girl to capture her near her half-year milestone.  Did you see Becky with her gorgeous bump or Becky and Pete as new parents on their newborn shoot?  If you missed them, you can catch up here.

It’s one of my favourite things when families go for my four shoot bundle.  I get to see expectant parents, a gorgeous squishy newborn, a six month old and the same child at a year.  I think it’s truly fascinating seeing how much kids change in that first year.  Isn’t it equally fascinating how couples grow and families develop?  It’s hands down one of my favourite types of journeys with a family.  If you’re thinking about having a child or expanding your family then please do keep this group of shoots in mind. It’s obviously not only for single-kid families; we just get your other child(ren) involved!

I just took a look at the photos when this little cutie was only a week old. Already I can’t believe how big she is.  She’s changed so much and is becoming such a smiley little poppet! Despite missing her morning nap, she was a little trooper only conking out on Daddy’s shoulder at the very last minute.

We headed to Stanborough Park (which I haven’t been to in ages and I don’t know why not!) and caught the last few days of the autumn leaves.  Such a magical time of year…

Thanks so much for trusting me Becky and Pete!  So lovely that I get to call Becky not only a colleague but a friend.  What a lucky girl I am!

Have a look at the family photography info page to learn how the whole photoshoot process works.  If you’d like similar photos anywhere else then please do get in touch!  

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