May 23, 2018

Hertfordshire maternity and newborn photographer: a relaxed shoot at home

Hertfordshire maternity newborn photographer: a relaxed shoot at home

I have the great pleasure of working as a Hertfordshire maternity newborn photographer fairly frequently.  While, I don’t usually combine shoots, but my blogging is still catching up so I thought you might like to see the expectant parents and new parents all in one go!  What do you think – good combined or better separate?

There is little more exciting than when your friend approaches you to take some photos of their maternity shoot and then you get the chance to also take photos of the very new, very squishy, very lovely baby!  Becky got in touch about both shoots and I was over the moon. We met up when Becky was about 36 weeks pregnant in woodlands near their Hertfordshire home to take some nice relaxed photos of the parents to be.  It wasn’t the most stunning of mornings, weather-wise, but we had a lot of fun wandering the woods and snapping away.

I then headed to their home just after the arrival of baby Abigail to capture how they were getting on.  Abigail was only a week old at that point so Pete was still at home and they were getting used to life with a small baby.  But wow, were they both smitten!  This look of awe just kept creeping across Pete’s face and I could almost hear him thinking “wow”.  Becky took a phone call at one point and handed Abigail to her Dad, but every so often reached out to touch her and stroke her little hands.  They obviously can’t get enough of their new baby girl and it’s so lovely to have been able to witness.  They are going to be amazing parents to this little one 🙂

If you’re growing your family and would like these stages photographed, check out more photos in the family photography gallery and please do get in touch.

Hertfordshire maternity newborn photographer

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