June 7, 2018

Trent Park family photographer: a wintry family walk

Trent Park family photographer: a wintry wander

As almost everyone will know, I adore little more than photographing families. Every family is utterly unique when you start scratching the surface and seeing what makes families fit together is why I love my job so very much.  It’s also fun working somewhere you have never been before, in this case as a Trent Park family photographer.

So imagine how amazing it is when I not only get to photograph a gorgeous family, but the Dad is one of my old friends (old in friendship length rather than age, before he gets offended!) Dan and I met in our first week of university. We’re both a tiny bit fuzzy on the details of exactly where and when I’m embarrassed to say! Dan lived two corridors below mine and we would cross paths on the way to meals, the bar etc. Somehow these weird corridor encounters turned into one of my best and longest lasting friendships from university (again, the details of how are long since forgotten!)

Dan went on to meet the lovely Amy and they’ve just had their second son together. Ted & Felix are both such lovely little boys that I always look forward to seeing them!

On this occasion I met up with Dan, Amy and the boys as well as Dan’s brother (with his daughters) and his sister. It’s so nice to do extended family shoots too.

We all went for a stroll around Trent Park on a slightly chilly weekend morning at the start of the year (still catching up on the blog!!). I can’t believe I’ve never been here before, it’s all so pretty to stroll round. I’ll admit it was a little slushy underfoot but guess that comes with British woodland in January!  Turns out they also have Go Ape! here so I’ll definitely be back. I love that they didn’t put these photos off until summer as I strongly believe there is no perfect time of year for photos.

Check out my main photography gallery to see some more photos from different times of year and if you too are looking to update your family photos then please do get in touch. 

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