October 3, 2019

St Albans newborn photographer: relaxed family photos at home

St Albans newborn photographer: relaxed family photos at home

There is nothing like going into the homes of new families and meeting their little bundles of joy for their baby photoshoot. For you, it’s so much less stressful to be in an environment where you’re already happy and relaxed. Plus you can avoid having to trek out somewhere to have a posed newborn session.

Often, I’m returning to visit wedding clients who have grown their family, but I was recommended to Beckie by a friend. Massive thanks to Kat!

Little George was such a happy, smiley baby and just grinned throughout his photos. It’s clear to anyone that Beckie and Dean absolutely adore him!

Beckie was really open to any photos and I was able to capture the quiet magic of her feeding her baby. I hope that the photos of these tiny moments of calm with her son will always transport her back to a this special time.

Why opt for newborn photos at home instead of a posed shoot?

While I don’t offer posed newborn photography, I do think it creates stunning photos. It also requires a high level of skill to take such amazing photos. If that’s what you would like then I’m happy to recommend someone brilliant for you.

However, these photos don’t accurately represent how newborn life really is. The beautifully posed photos in wraps and hairbands are not how your little one lies around at home (or that certainly wasn’t my experience of newborn life anyway!). You may not even be in the photos. And, as the centre of this little one’s world, you should be!

The moments of changing nappies, making bottles, sleepless nights and endlessly washing tiny onesies will pass.

And the memories of them will fade.

Authentically capturing your early moments together, in your familiar environment, will keep those memories and feelings sharp. Your home is often the perfect place for photos if you want a true picture of your life at that time. I know people often feel torn between having photos at home or out and about, if you’re not sure then take a look at the family photography gallery to see some of both.

Don’t miss out on having these photos for your children.

If you’re also looking for a St Albans newborn photographer then click the link and get in touch, I’d love to chat to you!

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