November 17, 2018

St Albans family photographer: autumn on the Alban way

St Albans family photographer: autumn on the Alban way

Often people find me by searching for a St Albans family photographer online or by recommendation, but I met Hannah through a friend and we happened to be pregnant and on maternity leave at the same time.  I’m often asked if it’s a problem with children not being familiar around me for a shoot and always answer no.  I spend time with your kid(s) before I get my camera out and it’s always fun and relaxed.  With Faith I almost had the opposite problem – she’s such a lovely, affectionate little girl and kept stopping to cuddle me or look at what I was doing!

What an amazingly fun time I had photographing the lovely Faith.  They really couldn’t have been any more lucky with the weather given that the days in the run up to their shoot had been cold, grey and wet.  Suddenly the late afternoon sun made an appearance and the autumnal leaves just shone.

I met up with the family at home to capture some of them in their home environment. Faith is a keen dancer so obviously that was first on the list of things to show me!

Then we wandered down the Alban Way, which is the old railway track through St Albans. It’s now paved and car free so it’s a great place for dog walkers, cyclists and families.  The autumn colours were just starting to taper off and heavy wind and rain the following day knocked most of the leaves down so good to just catch them!   We stopped at a park to play on the swings for a bit and then Faith had had enough so we called it a day.

It’s often a concern for parents of toddlers that their child won’t be willing to sit for photos and that’s why we make these shoots short and sweet.  You can start to judge when a toddler might be willing to have a family photo and when they just need to blow off some steam so I always balance the photos around their moods.  And some of my favourite photos (and those of my clients) are the ones that aren’t the more formal ones, but the dancing, swings and whatever else your little one is into.  So a nice short hour shoot and lots of photo variety for Mum and Dad – perfect!

Have a look at the photos and let me know what you think.  If you’ve been searching for a St Albans family photographer and would like similar photos then please do get in touch.

St Albans family photographer

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