September 11, 2014

Fun London engagement shoot: Emma & Paul

Emma and Paul are genuinely one of the nicest couples to spend time with hence me saying it was a fun London engagement shoot. I think that not only was the day fun, but the photos are really fun.

They mentioned to me that they wanted all their photos to show this for their wedding but I think it would have been impossible to have captured anything else for these two incredible people!

We spent a really great afternoon wandering around Shoreditch and the surrounding areas where I heard about their plans, getting to know these guys and enjoying this area of London that I love for all the fun backdrops you can find. The photo of them laughing against the graffiti is one of my absolute favourites!

Paul has been living and working in Australia while Emma finishes her midwifery training in the UK so they’ve been living, working and wedding planning through a long-distance relationship and still never stop smiling.

Paul was back just before the wedding to firstly see Emma but also enjoy his stag do with mates so we shoehorned a little shoot in and I got to hear all about their big day.

Their green and gold theme to pay homage to Paul’s Irish roots sounds great and they’ve got lots of great suppliers lined up. I think this is going to be a great party.

And now that their wedding has happened I can confirm I was totally right! Their Rutland Hall Hotel wedding was absolutely epic – click that link to look at all their photos.

If you’re looking for a similarly fun London engagement shoot or are getting married at Rutland Hall Hotel and want to chat, then I’d love to talk to you. You can see more of my wedding photos right there before that if you fancy. Let’s chat!

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