May 19, 2013

Hertfordshire family photographer: breakfast with the boys

Hertfordshire family photographer: breakfast with the boys

Recently I had the very great honour of being invited to breakfast with the Flanagan family. This consisted of Mum, Dad, 4 boys and a dog all breaking bread together early on a Saturday morning. Watching the seven of them fall into well practiced routines is what I thrive on as a Hertfordshire family photographer.  They dance around each other in the kitchen, chat about the day’s football matches, trips to the British Museum, which toys must be taken on which outings and all the other logistics of a busy family weekend.  This was all over hot homemade croissants and porridge and is, I think, the most wonderful way to start a weekend.

Dylan, Noah, Lukah and Maxwell are just absolutely glowing examples of how boys should be; polite, fun and a little bit boisterous but all with very unique personalities. I hope the pictures have captured a little slice of their life…

This is absolutely my favourite way to document families; in their own routines and environment.  While it’s great to get lovely posed photos, how much more of a story is every day life?

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