April 23, 2014

Greenwich Yacht Club wedding: Charlotte & Ben

Charlotte & Ben enjoyed the most fabulous Greenwich Yacht Club wedding this spring. I have to say, this is the most fantastic little venue. It’s tucked away down a little side street, among new apartment buildings going up in Greenwich and you’d barely know it was there. Behind an unassuming gate is the gorgeous and bright Greenwich Yacht Club with the most staggering views across the river and Ben and Charlotte were treated to the most fantastic sunset at the end of their wedding day.

The day started at their home which they are in the process of renovating. Ben got married while Charlotte was at the hairdresser and then made himself scarce for brunch with his Dad and best man as Charlotte arrived home to get ready. They crossed paths briefly at home and both of them were cool as cucumbers!

I absolutely love that Charlotte chose a short dress from Candy Anthony, especially with those hints of raspberry pink and the nude shoes. Absolutely stunning. I was in love! You could tell she felt a million dollars too as she didn’t stop grinning and swishing from the moment she put it on!

Not to leave Ben out of course because he cut quite the figure in a custom made suit from Cad & The Dandy (who I adore after many years of knowing the guys over there!). Plus I loved the sorbet pink roses with thyme & rosemary that Ben had as a button hole and which matched all the other flowers in the venue.

Their ceremony was as sweet as both of them, as you’d expect and straight afterwards, we hopped in the car to nip to the local park to take some photos among greenery and let Charlotte & Ben have some moments alone.

These guys wanted something a bit different to the many weddings they’ve attended in the last few years, so they opted for these incredible rustic Italian inspired sharing platters by Hand Made Food for their wedding breakfast and it looked delicious!

Throughout the day, the thing that I loved the most was Charlotte has a really infectious laugh and she was laughing all day – so amazing. The speeches were no exception. They were all fantastic but Charlotte laughs so thoroughly and her joy is so contagious!

Charlotte & Ben married on Ben’s birthday (a big one!) so as well as celebrating their marriage, there was also some birthday singing done which I think embarrassed Ben no end, bless him!

This really was the most fantastic day. If you’re having a Greenwich Yacht Club wedding, I’d love to chat to you about your day. You can see some more wedding photography before we do that, but get in touch and we’ll talk!

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