February 10, 2017

London urban maternity shoot – JM & Caroline

Urban London maternity shoot

As much fun as I had on this London maternity shoot, it is always a little nerve wracking when you know you’re photographing a photographer! Therefore, it was with a little nervousness that I met up Jean-Marc, who works as a photographer, and his wife Caroline.

They wanted a few photos of themselves before they welcome their little one into the world.  When we chatted, they had a gritty urban vibe in mind so I really hope these captured that!

Caroline had done her research well and found an awesome tunnel full of graffiti which I cannot get enough of. Bright colours and fun patterns, yes please! We wandered around taking some photos and chatting away about plans for their life with a baby.

Doesn’t Caroline look incredible? There’s definitely something to the pregnancy glow that is so great to capture on camera. JM is the nicest guy and spent all day smiling and laughing. I really enjoyed hanging out with these two and can’t wait to hear their exciting news 🙂

So although maternity shoots are a relatively new phenomenon in the UK, they’ve been around a fair while in the States. I cannot recommend investing in one highly enough. In speaking to many of my friends who say some of their most prized pictures of their Mums are while they were pregnant all those years ago. I’ve sadly never seen a photo of my Mum pregnant and I would have loved to! I also believe that it’s a great way to mark your relationship before life alters and two becomes three!  Plus, how beautiful are pregnant women?

If you’re interested in having me document your pregnancy and subsequent new addition to the family, please do get in touch!  It doesn’t have to be a London maternity shoot, see a more rural shoot here. Or you can see more natural family photos as well.

Urban London maternity shoot

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