Bedfordshire family photographer: baby Remy

As well as doing a lot of work in Hertfordshire, a large portion of my time is spent as a Bedfordshire family photographer. It was in Bedfordshire that I got to meet up with the Anderson family who welcomed their little boy Remy about five months ago. Well, what a little poppet he is! As well as being utterly gorgeous, he is an inquisitive little thing – looking around, watching the world and taking stock of his life.

I met Xena a few years ago by chance at a networking event and I’m so glad she remembered me when it came to photo time. It was such a pleasure to meet her hubby and baby.

I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing the details of one of the best baby stories I’ve heard in a while. She and hubby Paul decided they wanted to find out the gender of their baby. They were told (at every scan!) that they could expect a little girl. So Paul went to town painting a pink princess castle in her room and buying pink clothes for their little girl’s imminent arrival. Paul is a bit of a joker and spent the time at hospital joking with the midwives. So he just assumed when they said “it’s a boy” that they were playing a joke back on him. I know they always say it’s such a nice surprise if you opt not to find out the gender, but imagine the surprise when you did find out and they made a mistake! They’re both clearly besotted with him so I have a feeling everything worked out as it was meant to.

If you’ve welcomed a new addition to your family, why not make time for some photos? These moments pass way too quickly. If you’re looking for a Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire family photographer then please do get in touch.

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