December 23, 2019

2019 – the year of family photoshoots

Goodbye 2019… you’ve been awesome! Family photoshoots with amazing families galore, New Year’s Resolutions largely nailed. Feels pretty great to get to the end of the year achieving what you set out to do. Of course, it just means I’ll be setting even more ambitious goals for 2020!

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of the new year. Obviously, any day is a great day for a clean slate and a fresh start! But, for any fellow stationary lovers out there, is there any better feeling than opening a brand-new notebook and seeing that lovely, unspoilt start?! It feels like the world is your oyster, you can write anything you want in that book! I get that same feeling with New Year’s Day. No, just me..?!

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Tori Deslauriers reading a book in the sunshine

My personal resolutions

My personal resolutions

So, on a personal note, last year I made my resolutions to read 24 books and have more family photos taken. I’m sure you’ve been dying for an update since January 1st, haha. Well, the book reading started so well. I read 16 books by June and was loving being back to bookworm status having found some absolute corkers.

Then I got stuck in one I hated. I’ve always had a problem abandoning a book midway. Do you feel like this? So that slowed me down “reading” that dud for 2 months. I did eventually give in and resigned it to the ‘finish later’ pile. Worst bit is it’s a critically acclaimed novel that everyone loves. Not sure what I’m missing…

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Final tally: 21 books finished, part way through four, the dud may never get finished!

Unless, of course, you count endless readings of ‘The Flum Flum Tree’ in which case my final tally is somewhere around the 1,357 mark 😉

And family photos. Nailed it! We had some family shoots with other professional photographers and those photos are now proudly hung around the house and in albums. But also, Dave has started taking loads of photos without me asking which has made me a very happy bunny. So, I’m in a bunch of photos from the year, YAY!

Photo collage of Tori Deslauriers St Albans photographer with son

 New Year Resolutions smashed 🙂

How did you do with your resolutions?

2019 – the year of family photography

This has been the most fantastic year and I’d like to say a very heartfelt thank you for your continued trust with your photos. I’ve loved seeing your families again this year, especially when you’ve got in touch to photograph change. It’s been incredible to see your growing kids, the addition of siblings, new puppies, fledgling businesses and more. Thank you so much for keeping me on as a part time member of your family!

The absolute highlight of my year was a dream realised. I’ve been wanting to photograph a family while on holiday for years. I’ve been putting seeds out there with people for a long while, but so far nobody has bitten… until Kat & Andy took me to Portugal with them, yay! It was the most amazing day ever. While I’m sure people think it’s me trying to wangle a free holiday, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I got up at 3am and back to bed at midnight, took two flights and photographed probably 7-8 hours in the middle. So, pretty far removed from chilling out on a beach!

Considering a holiday?

The true reason I’ve been so keen to photograph a family on holiday is my belief that everyone is so much more relaxed while away from their everyday life. And I definitely wasn’t wrong. It was so awesome. They were all in full-on chill mode; no phones out, no real-life responsibilities to worry about, no other commitments to be clock watching for. Even when families have scheduled shoots with me, it’s often squeezed into busy lives and around pinging phones. This was such a breath of fresh air. So if you like the look of these photos, definitely consider it for 2020. The cost of flights on a budget airline when booked in advance add barely anything to your photoshoot. Plus, the European weather really doesn’t hurt!

Plus, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing so many other families (especially ones wanting a more real approach to their family photos, which I adored!), businesses, sole traders, weddings and other exciting projects so if you want to see more, here are some of my favourite photos from some of those photoshoots too.

Now, it’s your turn to tell me about your year! How was your 2019? What did you achieve that you didn’t think was possible last January? Did you stick to your resolutions? What is on the cards for 2020? Did you think about family photos this year and never get around to it? If so, drop me a line below and let’s make sure we get a photo session in the diary for 2020!

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