Mother's Day flash sale!

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If you're looking for joy-filled images, bursting with your family's personality, (without any stress while they are being taken of course!), then there has never been a better time to update your family photo gallery.

This Mother's Day I'm running a flash sale for my VIPs only. If you buy £100 voucher, you'll receive £200 to spend on digital images or products from your family photo session before the end of 2024. It's just that simple.

I'm in! Let's do it!
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Little kid grins at the camera in autumn leaves
Tori did an amazing job capturing our family spirit
OH MY GOD!! They are fabulous thank you so much!

Giving you the warm & fuzzies

You know that feeling when you look back on old photos and just feel all warm and fuzzy inside? That's what I’m all about! Let me capture those sweet, silly, and sometimes downright ridiculous moments that make your family life so special. I'll help you keep all those amazing family memories sharp around the edges...

Have a watch and see how I do this for families like yours...

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I'm in, let's do it!
Got questions? Check out my FAQs or get in touch and I'll answer those for you. 
We can’t believe how many great pictures you took of two energetic preschoolers! You have really captured them and their personalities. We will treasure these photos forever.
Lorna H

Want the boring details?

May be used at outdoor or in home photoshoots.
You may only use one voucher per session. Want more than one session this year? Fill your boots!
Vouchers cannot be used at family mini shoots or stacked with any other offer.
Vouchers expire 31st Dec 2004 and may not be extended. Use it or lose it!
Vouchers may be used any weekday or weekend, including school holidays, but weekends book up early so make sure you check diary availability in advance.
May be used towards digital images or photo products (albums, prints etc).
Extra travel fees may be charged further than 30 miles from AL1 5QW.
Full session details can be found at:
I'm in! Let's do it!
Got questions? Check out my FAQs or get in touch and I'll answer those for you. 
So engaging and patient with our little people - she got the best out of them!
She put my children at ease by laughing and joking with them and took the time to get to know them.

Ready for amazing photos?

Mother Day flash sale (#4)
Price: £100

You may be asking...

Still got more questions? See if this answers them. If not, drop me a line and ask me anything!

The bottom line is, I love to photograph your family just being your awesome selves. You’re probably a tad nervous about having your photo taken, but your photo session will be super chilled.

Just have fun and you’ll get some incredible photos 🙂

If you want lots of posed photos against a white backdrop etc then I’m not going to be the right person for you.

Well, I think we all do a little bit! The first few minutes you might feel a bit awkward, but everyone relaxes into it… If you have photos at home, you’re already in a familiar environment just hanging out and having fun. Read some of the testimonials to get a feel for what it’s like having me around! Most people say it’s just like hanging out with a new buddy.

I offer a cheese free guarantee – real smiles only!

Don’t talk crazy! Your life is awesome in all its extraordinary ordinary moments.

You don’t need to be on a big adventure to be interesting. There is beauty in the little quiet moments of life too.

Plus, let’s be honest… every day is an adventure when you are raising little people 🙂

I wrote a blog post about why your home is actually the perfect location, because I’m pretty passionate about this. Your home is fabulous just as it is! I’m not there to judge or critique your home, I’m there to capture how you live inside it.

Whether you live in a sprawling estate or a cosy flat, your home is merely the backdrop for your awesome family life and we can create interesting pictures anywhere!

Like the families I photograph, no two homes are the same. As such I offer a la carte options or packages to let you get your photos the way you want them. I am really passionate about the products I have sourced for you to show off your photos.

My preference is always products over letting your photos sit on a hard drive. Flipping through the pages of beautiful albums or feeling that flutter of pride at seeing your beautiful artwork beats viewing them on Facebook every time.

I’m in St Albans, Hertfordshire but travel all over the UK and further afield for families.

Often families want their photos their own home or neighbourhood so I’m happy to go anywhere, just book a natter with me below and we can chat about the details.

Did you know, I also go on holiday with families to capture sunny fun?

Of course! The more the merrier.

I think multi-generational shoots are fabulous fun and if they’re an important part of your family then I love meeting them!

It can also be a good way to make your shoot more cost effective if you want to have different branches of the family at a single shoot so that’s fine by me!

Dogs also welcome 😉

That’s totally ok! 

Newborns and babies work best at home because the weather then isn’t a consideration. 

Otherwise, you can pick if you want an indoor or outdoor shoot. Or if you live right by some greenery go for a split shoot?

If you can’t come up with a location, just let me know and I can come up with some suggestions 🙂

Well, I get asked this all the time, and you know what, it might! We’re hardy Brits so a bit of drizzle shouldn’t worry us right? Rest assured you can’t see a tiny bit of rain in photos. 

Torrential downpours on the other hand don’t happy kids make! If the weather is appalling we can reschedule or move to your home.

I try to keep reschedules to a minimum where possible for everyone’s schedules.

I’m not looking for your kids to ‘behave’ in any way other than as themselves so don’t worry if they’re a bit grouchy. Plus, I’m often told I’m a bit of a child whisperer and can win any kid round 😉

Read this article about kids ‘behaving’ too – kids need space to be themselves and if that’s having a bit of a strop for a while then so be it. We still have plenty of time to still get great photos! 

I get it, things happen when you’ve got kids. If someone is ill and you need to reschedule then that’s life. If you can give me as much notice as possible I really do appreciate it. I also talked about bumps that kids get and should you reschedule your shoot?

Wherever possible, I ask you to try to keep rescheduling to a minimum as it helps me to plan my calendar and also enables me to plan time with my family too.

I believe that great photos should be available for everyone which is why my session fee is deliberately low and that covers your shoot time.

After your shoot you can choose your products in line with your budget.

Similarly, I can offer you the option of paying for any products in instalments so that if can make things a bit easier.