May 25, 2015

Brighton engagement shoot: Niki and Joe

Brighton engagement shoot: Niki & Joe

Niki & Joe opted for a Brighton engagement shoot in advance of their Syon Park wedding.

How awesome in Brighton?  Joe & Niki certainly think so. They met at university there and then Niki lived there for a few years after graduation.  It obviously holds lots of fond memories for them so we journeyed back there to take some engagement shoot photographs for them.

It was great fun to hang out on the beach by the pier and around the Pavillion, although unfortunately there was no sign of the bright blue skies that had been forecasted.  Made no difference to our afternoon luckily!  Isn’t there something wonderful about being by the sea?  Always makes me feel so happy…

Niki & Joe have had a bit of a roller coaster since getting engaged.  They found the perfect venue, only for a fire to destroy it just a few months before the big day.  I cannot imagine how stressful that situation must have been, but I spoke to Niki during the hunt for a new venue and she was always upbeat about it – incredible.  While I don’t often believe in fate, all the stars lined up for Niki & Joe… a wedding booked for their wedding date was cancelled on the day of the fire.  This means that they can now tie the knot in their original first choice venue which they couldn’t have because it was booked when they were looking.  It really does appear that everything has worked out for this lovely couple!

I cannot wait for Niki & Joe’s beautiful wedding at Syon Park this autumn, and also to celebrate their Indian wedding with them a few days later.

For now, enjoy a stroll through a not so sunny Brighton…  If you fancy a Brighton engagement shoot or Brighton family shoot, then definitely get in touch!

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