August 8, 2015

Battersea engagement shoot: Alex & James

Battersea engagement shoot: Alex & James

I cannot believe that I’ve never stepped foot in the AMAZING Battersea Park before.  I’m so grateful to Alex & James for introducing me to it.  It’s such a beautiful little tranquil haven in South London away from all the hubbub.  If you haven’t been and had a wander round I’d highly check it out. Battersea engagement shoot

It was such a nice afternoon strolling round the park.  Alex & James live on right on the roads bordering the park so obviously spend a huge amount of time here.  Alex is in training for the half-marathon so they spend a lot of running, hanging out and just meandering so it was good to get a feel for a day in the life of this lovely couple 🙂  James has recently been reading about the history of the park too so we had our own personal tour guide too, loved it!

Alex & James are getting married later this year.  They’ve opted for their marriage at the chocolate box church in her home village.  Then they’ll be having their reception at the beautiful Rectory Farm in Cambridgeshire.  I think this is going to be a fabulous wedding in every way!  I had a sneak peek at their wedding invites (no spoilers in case they haven’t gone out yet) – the attention to detail and level of personalisation was awesome.  I’m loving hearing about some of the finer details so I’d definitely recommend checking back in later in the year to see it.

I’m so glad Alex & James chose to have a Battersea engagement shoot and introduce me to this lovely, leafy corner of London and I am counting down the days to the big event!

If you want to take a wander around London and get some pre-wedding photos, you can contact me here.

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