October 29, 2013

Loseley Park wedding photographer: Bryony & Chris

Barbican engagement shoot: Bryony & Chris

Bryony and Chris opted for a Barbican engagement shoot ahead of their Loseley Park wedding this winter.  It is always lovely to meet up in person, especially when, like in our case, we’d booked their wedding after a phone consultation.  It’s so fascinating to get to know people and find out about their lives together.

Five top facts about Bryony & Chris

  1. Chris is currently nominated for an Oscar.  Fingers crossed!  Not sure I’ve ever known an Oscar winner or nominee before so that was super interesting to hear about
  2. Bryony & Chris met in the sixth form and have been dating ever since.  They plan on dancing to the song that Chris sang to Bryony when he said he “already knew she was the one” – stay tuned for the wedding post to find out what that’s all about!
  3. They have two adorable little kiddies who are going to be their flower girl and paigeboy
  4. Bryony actually used to work in weddings and events herself
  5. They’d never been to the Barbican before!

Check back in after December to see their wedding photos!

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