August 13, 2019

Three reasons to make time for a newborn photoshoot

Congratulations on your new baby and growing family! I’ve been where you are now – are the words swimming on the page you’re just that tired? Hang in there, new parent! Give me a few minutes of your precious time and let’s chat about the reasons to have a newborn photoshoot.

newborn photoshoot tiny baby, baby hands

The blur of the newborn days when you’ve just given birth, become a father or adopted a child is absolutely mental.  I hear it over and over again from new parents about why they’re going to wait a while to have some professional photos taken and are going to skip the newborn photoshoot.  Do any of the following reasons (or shall we be brave and call them excuses?!) sound familiar?

… you don’t feel quite like yourself just yet …

… you’re exhausted and look horrendous …

…. you’d rather wait till you’re back in your pre-pregnancy wardrobe …

… your older child is still adjusting to life with a sibling …

… the house is a total tip …

newborn baby being cuddled after home birth in st albans

Well, let’s look at the flip side of your objections so you don’t miss out on these little moments by skipping a newborn photoshoot.

Number 1: The new baby days fly by – make sure you make time for photos

I look back on the newborn days (which were a mere three years ago) and they seem a tiny bit hazy. Yes, I was very tired and learning how to be a parent and the house was a tip!  But also, more than that, there seems to be a very strange thing with my journey as a parent where the days in front of you seem unimaginable and the ones behind you seem to belong to someone else.

newborn baby cuddles at home

The smallest things would be forgotten to me without all the photos I took, and had taken.  How my son had crazy hairy ears, how he had no eyelashes, those adorable little rubber band fat rolls.  Not to mention the fact that newborn days are filled with firsts – if you got given one of those baby milestone card boxes you may well know that you’re busily scribbling dates in them during the first few weeks!

newborn photoshoot first moments, first bath, breastfeeding
newborn photoshoot

Don’t let the newborn moments be forgotten and undocumented just because you don’t want someone to see that you’re not on top of your laundry basket!  Embrace the real life that you’ll get in these photos 🙂

Number 2: You look incredible – don’t put yourself down!

Broken sleep is totally exhausting.  Being responsible for a small human is exhausting.  Navigating how your relationship works with another person in the house is exhausting.  Endless visitors are exhausting.  It’s all tiring.  So yes, you may well look tired.

family photo session, newborn photoshoot mum

But you know what? These early newborn days pass really quickly so please don’t miss out on getting in the photo because you don’t feel like your old self.  You aren’t – you’re a parent now!  And that means having a good read of this post and remembering that your kid(s) will adore you no matter how knackered you look.  And your family will thank you later for existing in photos with them.

I’m here, giving you permission to cut yourself some slack. Days after you’ve given birth or adopted are both amazing and a total whirlwind.  Don’t pile self-expectations of size 10 jeans or a Good Housekeeping style interior onto your to do list!

newborn photoshoot dad, newborn photos at home
newborn photoshoot

Number 3: Newborn babies are flipping adorable!

Is there actually anything as sweet as the little faces they pull and the baby yawns?  I don’t do baby in bucket type styled newborn photography (but can recommend great people that do for you).  What I focus on is all the little moments in their early days for you.  It’s a really chilled out type of session because it is just capturing things as they are at the moment you are in.  Plus, if the baby nods off then no harm done because they look equally cute sleeping!  If you’re worried about the tidiness levels of your house have a read of this post about why I think your home is always the perfect photoshoot location, no matter the state it’s in!

newborn photoshoot, sleepy baby, photos at home

Plus, extra bonus, I absolutely adore babies. So please, have 10 minutes hands free and to yourself on me (go on, jump in the shower!) while I cuddle with your little bundle of joy!

You can see more newborn (and maternity) shoots on this gallery page. Why not book a call – I’d love to chat through any other worries you might have.

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