August 12, 2016

Hertfordshire maternity photographer: Natalie & Luke

It was such a pleasure to be able to photograph Natalie & Luke as they embarked on a new and exciting chapter of their lives together. I love working as a Hertfordshire maternity photographer as you get to see couples at their absolute most excited as they prepare to meet the new man or lady in their lives!

We headed up to a local forest to take some photos of them before their baby joins them later in August. It was so nice wandering round in the late afternoon sun. Well, the sun was trying it’s best anyway! Due to a bit of disorganisation on my part and a bit of over enthusiasm on Millie’s I didn’t actually manage to get this posted before their gorgeous daughter joined them almost four weeks early!  I had the pleasure of meeting Millie the other day and she really is the perfect little cutie pie!

So although maternity shoots are a relatively new phenomenon in the UK, they’ve been around a fair while in the States. I cannot recommend investing time in having one highly enough. I know that pregnant women often shy away from the camera feeling less than wonderful about themselves and their changing bodies. However, I think this is a short period of time in life and it’s so important to remember how life and our relationships change with us. After all, when your little one is here they are just going to look at these photos and marvel that this was you once upon a time without him or her! I also believe that it’s a great way to mark your relationship before life alters and two becomes three!

If you’re interested in having me document your pregnancy and subsequent new addition to the family then check out my full maternity and newborn gallery to see how it all works and then please do get in touch!

Hertfordshire maternity photographer

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