Family Session Information

This page should answer all your questions about the family photography session process, and how to turn your wild and wonderful family energy into gorgeous photos for your home.

Step One: Scheduling Your Session

In order to secure your shoot date, let's compare diaries and then my online booking systme will guide you through signing some T&Cs and paying a session fee of £100.

As you grab your diary to find a date, here are a few things to consider:
Many families who work during the week, find that by scheduling a shoot early in the morning or late afternoon they lose almost no time at the office, which is especially doable in the longer summer days.
Given the beautiful colours of autumn and spring, these are often the busiest time of year so if you’d like a session during one of these times get in touch ASAP.
If you have a particular date or holiday by which you need photos or gifts, then please have your shoot 4-6 weeks in advance for sufficient editing and printing time.
Babies and young kids are almost always at their best first thing, and bonus it’s great light too. If your kids are under five I encourage you to encourage a session as close to sunrise as you can reasonably be ready!
If you have older kids or the rare kids that you can’t bribe out of bed then late afternoon or early evening (usually 1.5 hours before sunset) works perfectly.
Generally avoiding the middle of the day is best for everyone.
Great photos can be made in any weather but I appreciate that pouring rain isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I always love shooting in your home however and light drizzle isn’t a deal breaker as it can’t be seen on camera.

Step Two: The Session Itself

Once we’ve decided on a time and date and officially put your session in the diary, I’ll send you a shoot guide that will answer every question you might have from choosing outfits to strategies for getting kids to cooperate. I’m sure it’ll answer 95% of your questions but we can always chat if you think of anything else.

 A few days before the shoot, I’ll be in touch to confirm time and place… at that time, if the weather looks dodgy or you’ve got a sick kid we can chat about a reschedule. Otherwise, it’s the perfect time to ask any last minute questions or discuss any last minute ideas you’ve had!

On the day of the session, please block off 2 hours. Typically we’ll have loads of lovely photos in an hour but I don’t charge by time so if your kid needs a bit longer to warm up then I like to have a bit of time for flexibility.

And then take a deep breath and relax…! It’s going to be fun, honestly 🙂 You can have breaks as and when you need them and we’ll just have a laugh, being your awesome selves and capturing your family exactly as they are. Plus if you’re super nervous and have a mimosa for breakfast, well I won’t tell!

Step 3: The Fun Part

Within 14 days of your shoot, you’ll receive an email from me letting you know that your photos are ready. You’ll get a slideshow with your photos in and once you watch it for the first time you’ll have 24 hours to watch that as many times as you like. Of course, I’d love it if you all sit down and snuggle up and watch them together, but that’s the romantic in me! Once you’ve had a chance to see them and marvel at how fab your family are, you’ll let me know which collection you want to purchase. Don’t forget, that slideshow expires within 24 hours! After that, you’ll have a full month to select the specific digital files and if you want any products you can do that from your gallery too.

I’d love to help you get your photos off your phone and into print products.

What you choose to do with your images is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when planning your shoot but it’s all too often the aspect that’s overlooked. All the time and money invested deserve a better return than photos gathering dust on a hard drive. You will NEVER get the same feeling looking at your photos on a screen as you will seeing them on your wall or flicking through an album.


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