June 28, 2016

Barcaldine Castle wedding photographer: Fiona & Steve

Fiona & Steve got married in Barcaldine Castle, just north of Oban in Scotland. There were so many things out of the ordinary about this day, not least of all the weather! I do feel like a true Brit always talking about weather but hey, I’ll do it anyway! So everyone said how bad the west coast of Scotland can be in summer, how bad the midges are etc so I braced myself. Well, the weather all day (and week!) was nothing short of perfect; bright blue skies, sunshine and scorching temperatures. I think the guests were as surprised and thrilled as me! 

Fiona & Steve told me they wanted both a formal feeling wedding and something very intimate and relaxed. I wasn’t sure how those two things fitted together. They did… perfectly. The setting of Barcaldine Castle, affectionately known as the Black Castle by locals, was grand and formal. Fiona & Steve’s 22 guests made the day feel very intimate. The dinner choice of the locally famous fish & chip man helped the day feel relaxed. It really was the perfect juxtaposition of formality and casual.

There were numerous personalised elements to the day too. Shannon, Fiona’s daughter, sang the first dance song and did a reading.  Fiona had Shannon’s dress made from a local tartan. Fiona & Steve had a raffle for all guests with the top prize being a week’s holiday in Scotland – wow!  They really did make sure that everyone was well looked after.

I know that the day had its hard elements as Fiona lost her Mum at the end of last year. It was obvious that she was sorely missed but everyone made sure her presence was well felt.   It made for an emotional time during speeches especially, but it is obvious how much the family all pulled together. Fiona was especially emotional, not only during the words her Dad had to say but also when their wedding guests surprised them with a honeymoon on the Isle of Mull; somewhere Fiona & Steve had always wanted to explore.

It’s not many weddings that I get to hang out at a castle, in blinding sunshine, take a trip to the beach and feel like I get to know the couples’ guests a little bit, so I feel really honoured to have been part of it. 

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