October 27, 2015

Ashridge engagement shoot: Cat & Darren

Ashridge engagement shoot: Cat & Darren

Cat told me in advance of meeting up for their Ashridge engagement shoot that she hates having her photo taken and is terribly unphotogenic. It’s always a warning I love to receive! So I met up with Cat & Darren somewhat nervously wondering exactly how camera shy she would be…

We had a nice stroll round a very autumnal Ashridge Estate looking at the beautiful views, chatting weddings and taking photos.

Turns out Cat has nothing to worry about. At all. Maybe it’s being around Darren but they are so wonderfully natural together that they look like seasoned pros in front of the camera.

Cat & Darren met at Waxy O’Connors in London while watching a band. Since then they’ve not only ended up as a couple, living outside of London, but also with a gorgeous little girl, Ava. I can’t wait to meet her at the wedding! I think the wedding is going to be fabulous – I loved Cat & Darren’s ideas on how they want their day to go and the styling sounds really awesome. No spoliers from me though! They’re getting married at the lovely Gaynes Park in Essex.

Now that the wedding has taken place I’m delighted to come back and update this post with their gorgeous wintery Gaynes Park wedding.

In the mean time if you’re thinking of an Ashridge engagement shoot or some family photos while the leaves are all autumnal, get in touch!

Ashridge engagement shoot 

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