May 29, 2023

A stinking hot intimate wedding at Shendish Manor

I immediately loved Sheryl & James when I first chatted to them and loved their chilled back attitude towards their wedding. 

Having both been married before, they wanted to focus on the most important things so had invited just their closest friends and family to their beautiful Shendish Manor wedding. What they hadn’t banked on was the crazy 2022 summer and how stinking hot their wedding day would be! It also has that signature 2022 brown grass look about it; if you know you know 😉

I loved all the little elements that Sheryl had put together like her custom stitched trainers saying that comfort on the day was everything (yes!). She got ready in the morning with her beloved daughter who did her makeup and they had a great morning together. 

During the speeches, James did what he had been strictly warned against and surprised Cheryl with beautiful diamond earrings. She was most taken about and got quite emotional. James is a really sweet and affectionate guy and it’s so clear how much he adores Sheryl and how much he wants to treat her like royalty. It was really sweet to watch. 

Cheryl is a former dance teacher and while she’s used to dancing a lot, their first dance was not only their first dance as a married couple, but their first dance together ever. It was a day of lovely moments like this that were a pleasure to witness.

This was a delightful wedding to be a part of, if not a bit hot. Where the cake started slipping rather precariously in the outrageous heat nobody noticed because they were so busy enjoying the fabulous day and wonderful company. And that’s what makes a great wedding!

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