Family Photo Club

In a perfect world, you want great photos of your family year on year. The problem is, you hear horror stories about big price tags, scary sales sessions and all of it seems so overwhelming that you put it off for “another few months”. You think a special occasion would be the best time to get family photos taken but you don’t seem to find time to organise a shoot before the day has already come and gone! You’re aware that your family days are long but the weeks are short and the years are zipping by. Family photos always feel like they should be a priority but never seem to make it to the top of that endless to do list!

SO much changes in that yearly trip around the sun…

What is it?

Take the stress out of family photos by joining the Year In The Life photo club. By doing so you split the cost of your family photo shoot over the year so you aren’t having to budget for your family photos in one go, with the added benefit of never having to arrange a shoot again. I will do all the admin of reminding you about organising shoots and delivering finalised albums to your door.

What do I get?

You will have four ninety-minute photo sessions over the a calendar year. You get peace of mind that these are paid at a discounted price over a year – no lump sum payments. You’ll receive a slideshow after each shoot to share with family and friends plus the option to purchase any additional products you may want. Best of all, you receive your Year In The Life shoot in a beautiful album at the end of the year! Imagine your little ones flicking through albums in years to come 🙂

Tell me more – how does the shoots work?

This is the ultimate way to capture your family memories. I love that I get to photograph your family year after year, but I want you to have even more. When kids are little, so much changes in the space of a year! This way we can photograph your family every three months.

Your four family photo sessions will follow the time of the day from morning to evening so your album has a natural flow to it. Picture this – a breakfast shoot in spring, late morning zoo trip in summer, afternoon leaf throwing park trip in autumn, then capturing dinner and boardgames in winter. Obviously, the activities are all down to you and your family though :).

Over the years, we will build you up a collection of beautiful family albums that tell the story of your changing family over time. Imagine a whole shelf of gorgeous albums that tell document your changing world – could anything be more perfect?

What will it cost me?

The cost of the Year In The Life sessions and album will be £100 per month for a 12 month period. This will be paid by standing order or direct debit, whichever you prefer. Travel will be added for shoots further than 50 miles from central St Albans. However, this will be waived if you coordinate with another local family and book your shoots on the same date. So get referring me to your friends!

The normal cost, if you were to purchase a ‘Year in the Life’ shoot and album outright, is £1350, so paying monthly equates to a saving of £150. That saves you a little more than the cost of a single £125 session fee. Furthermore, it saves you the hassle of needing to organise a shoot or paying for one upfront.

The boring bits

  • The total amount paid is for the four shoots and album only. Any other products you would like must be purchased separately from the current price list.
  • If you would like to cancel part way through the year, you may forfeit your right to the shoot, as the balance of the shoot and/or album may not have been met.
  • If you would like your shoot before the balance of the shoot/album has been reached then no photos will be edited or shown to you until the minimum payment amount has been reached.
  • Travel for shoots further than 50 miles of central St Albans will be added to your shoots at 45ppm as per the HMRC rate.
  • You will be able to customise the linen colour for your album colour, your font type and your album personalisation. The album design will be decided by Tori.