Welwyn family photographer: The Clack Family

I don’t often have the pleasure of working as a Welwyn family photographer so it was a real treat to meet up with the Clack family. Matt was the best man at Kim & Simon’s wedding which is where I met him and his wife Emma for the first time.  They then got in touch after seeing the photos of Kim & Simon’s gorgeous little boy, Louis.

I cannot believe this was almost a year ago (told you I was a little behind on the blog!).  The amount of fun I had with these kiddies makes it feel like yesterday. I went to Matt & Emma’s house in small village outside of Welwyn. They could not have been luckier with the weather. It was a beautiful Easter weekend. This also coordinated with Granny’s birthday celebrations (the photoshoot was a gift for her birthday).

It was so lovely just watching four generations of this family interact with each other. They are all quick to laugh which makes it so enjoyable taking photos! The highlight for me of the adults was when Rachel (Matt’s sister) lost her earring.  Their Dad used a kid’s metal detector to meticulously scan every inch of the lawn and found the missing earring – hoorah! Everyone was in stitches watching him! My favourite moment with the kiddies was watching them start their own rock band, complete with trying to master their rocker “devil horns” hand gestures!

Why take photos?

Having grown up without cousins, I loved watching the four littluns interact and play together.  Is there anything more wonderful really than childhoods spent in the garden, exploring with your family?  This shoot really did leave me with the warm and fuzzies!  I hope these photos will always bring back happy memories of a day that is now gone forever.

If you fancy having some updated photos of your family now that spring is rolling around check out the family photography gallery and then , please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Welwyn family photographer