St Albans family photographer: the Stone family

Prior to meeting up with Jake, Fiona and Evelyn at a lovely local forest in Hertfordshire I had an email from Fiona asking how long it usually takes to get good photos of little ones.  I replied with a fairly typical response about babies not liking their photo being taken a lot of the time; having to be patient capturing them; waiting for the grizzles to pass; bribery etc.  Suffice to say… Fiona must have been laughing her head off at me because I have genuinely never met such a contented, happy little munchkin as 15 month old Evelyn!  From the minute she got out of the car she gave me a huge toothy grin and didn’t stop until we parted company.  Love it!

It’s clear that Jake and Fiona are amazing parents; so calm and collected and raising such a lovely, happy little girl.  Evelyn is also seemingly very proud of her new teeth as spent a lot of time showing me them as she howled with delight at things only a little kiddie can; a daisy, a piece of grass, a bird.  I love being able to see the world through a child’s eyes again every so often because we really are surrounded by wonder and I think it’s so easy to forget.

We took a little stroll round the gorgeous Heartwood Forest.  It was looking like something out of an old painting with the rolling English hills and fluffy cotton wool clouds.  Evelyn is just starting to pull herself up to standing and starting to investigate moving on her own so a lot of the time she had the luxury of being carried!  It was just such a pleasure to get to know this wonderful family.

I hope the photos show the love and happiness that exists here.  If you’re looking for a St Albans family photographer to capture your little one or update your family portfolio then please do get in touch.

St Albans family photographer