St Albans family photographer: Arthur

I love my job as a St Albans family photographer because sometimes I stumble across families so sweet and good that it leaves me smiling for days.  Chantal and Arthur are exactly one of those families.

Arthur, Chantal and I had a fabulous afternoon playing in the woods around St Albans and admiring the gorgeous bluebells.  Arthur is such a lovely little boy – full of energy and always smiling.  My favourite part of hanging out with him was when he bashed his leg, but reasoned it away saying “the more bruises you end up with, the more fun you’ve had!” What a great way to approach life hey?  I endeavour to live my life a lot more like this going forward!

Arthur & Chantal have a very sweet, loving relationship and I hope these photos convey that.  I was truly exhausted getting home from this shoot.  Arthur is so full of beans Arthur; Chantal and I must have run miles after him!

Want some photos like this of your little one?  Just get in touch!  I can keep you posted on when the bluebells are about to come through for next year too if it’s specifically the bluebells you’re after!

St Albans family photographer