St Albans documentary family photo sessions

Documentary family photo shoots, also known as Day In The Life sessions, are absolutely the best way to capture your family. They will show your life exactly as it is, right now. Your every day life will be photographed unobtrusively resulting in beautiful, natural photos that you will cherish for years to come. There is nothing like looking back at real photos from years gone by and remembering exactly how it felt when they were taken.

But I’m a bit nervous…!

You will feel relaxed to the point where you forget I’m even there to photograph, because I will become part of your family for the day. You can just concentrate on being you, but without awkward “cheese” moments. Having grown up in a noisy, outgoing family I understand that your family’s quiet moments are as important as the big adventures. You will get photographs of both elements of your world.

Parenting is exhausting and all consuming. So, these photoshoots just fit around what you are already doing. If you’re hanging out at home building forts or out ferrying kids around, these moments are equally worth preserving. Whatever your world looks like, I will be there to photograph it for you.

I know it feels like maybe your everyday isn’t interesting enough, or that your home isn’t Pinterest perfect, but neither of these things matter. Real is perfect.

How should I display the photos?

Many of my families do yearly sessions with me, which means that they are building an ongoing set of albums. Albums really show off your documentary photo session by telling the whole story of your world.

Half or full Day In The Life sessions can take place in  St Albans, the rest of Hertfordshire or further afield. If you fancy a session while on holiday, then check out my holiday photographer gallery.

They were exactly what we wanted – a more relaxed and authentic feel for what family life is like (without the tantrums).

She slipped right in like one of the family so we all felt very at ease.

- Kim

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