52 Blog Prompts for Wedding Photographers


Do you struggle with blogging? Are you forever stuck in the “what a great family…” loop or even worse, not blogging at all?
Use this handy guide to get your mind thinking outside the box with 52 ready-made blog topics. Line up a post a week for the next year (or one a month for the next 4!)


Do you struggle with blogging?
Do you neglect your blog entirely during the busy summer months?
Stuck blogging about another “amazing wedding, great couple, wonderful day”?
It’s time to get creative!
Get yourself blogging smarter and working your blog the way it was meant to (including during summer) with minimal pain, plus get your social media sorted.
Use your blog to build your SEO, improve your google rankings and build a better client base who often find you without expensive advertising.
Plus, blogging is all free!