I’ve picked out beautiful lustre printed flushmount albums to show off your photos. That means it isn’t the stuck in photos from your 1980s memories but flush printed photos printed on top quality paper and they are beautiful! The pages are thick to give the books real substance and have a white core for a clean minimal look when the album is closed. 

The albums are handmade in the UK all the way through the print and assembly process, each person performing multiple quality checks at every stage to ensure everything is looking great. 

The following are the linen cover options Simply click on the photos below to enlarge them and you can pick the colour you would like for your photo book. If you would like the cover personalised with your family name or the date of your shoot then please also let me know which font you would like.


I take so much care to design an album from scratch for you and that means having something that you’ll love. So I want to make it as easy as possible for you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick your favourite images. About 30-35 is perfect unless you’d like to upgrade and add some more pages – you want your album to have space between images to give them space to shine. I know if can feel tempting to want to throw more and more in but in your gallery there will be duplicates of many moments so sometimes less is more. Yep, if multiples of the same scene tell a story then we can include them but if it’s just putting 4 portraits in of your kid because they’re all cute then pick your favourite and make it a bigger stand out photo!
  2. I design a gorgeous layout for you and send it over for you to approve. You can make some changes if you wish. Most of my families are usually pretty happy first time round I’m happy to say.
  3. You pick the elements you love… a colour choice, cover personalisation if you want it. Decide if you want mini copy versions for family gifts.
  4. I get it printed for you and you love your album and feel a little flicker of joy every time you turn those pages.


album design


What is a spread?

I use the term spread, by which I mean two pages; the left and the right. It’s habit, I try and use page, but I’ll forget!!

Does the book begin on the left or the right?

Unlike a novel, your album will begin with a double spread (the left and the right) and end in the same way.

What happens over the fold then?

The company I use can print panoramically, which means the image will be creased in the middle of the spread where the pages bend where spreads are designed with images over the fold. Any images which span the middle of the spread look seamless and unbroken.

How will my album be shipped to me?

Fret not, your album is super safe! Every full-size album will be shipped with at least two layers of protection… A white inner card box and an outer brown card box. Some also come with a clam shell box as well.


album design options