Moving from Weddings to Family Photography

About two years ago I started seriously considering moving away from wedding photography. I really wanted to throw myself head first into family photography. This was pretty scary for me because I love weddings and thrive on working in that environment. Previously, creating family photos for my clients was always part of my business, but it was a sorely neglected side-string in my bow.

So why the new focus on family photography?

Three years ago, I gave birth to my little boy, Grayson. You may have seen pictures of him in my Instagram feed. If you’ve had a child too, I’m sure you couldn’t anticipate in advance how life-altering it is. Going back to work on broken nights of sleep can be brutal to say the least. As parents, don’t we all want to spend as much time as we can with them? It can feel like it’s zipping by in a flash and I don’t want to look back and regret working all hours, albeit in a job I love. 

It’s hard but rewarding raising a child, so for me work had to fit around him, rather than him fitting around my business.

Family Portrait Photographer capturing bedtime routine

But it got me to thinking… one of my biggest regrets since having my son is that I don’t have any good photos of us in the hospital.  Things were slightly out of my control, after all, I’m usually the one holding the camera and I was somewhat preoccupied!  Furthermore, my hubby, Dave, had a badly broken leg so was as much use as a chocolate teapot in that he couldn’t stand up, carry anything or do much at all, bless him! Our lack of photos of this massive event and my regret around it makes me doubly appreciate just how important photos are beyond wedding photography.

family portrait photographer before bedtime

We will grow together

The best part of this change is that I am on the journey with you as we all start and add to our families together. There is nothing that makes me happier than knowing I got to photograph you exchanging vows at the beginning of your journey, but now also get to document your family growing and changing. It was this joy that made me realise my heart now lies entirely with photographing the familial relationships rather than just that one day of your life. We’re all growing up together! 

Not too fast though because adulting is proper hard 😉

As a family photographer, I am doing a lot of lifestyle shoots (families outside on location having fun with some posed photos too) as I always have. On top of that, though, I’m so excited to be expanding into documentary family photography too. Growing up in an outgoing, noisy house, I too had a childhood full of adventures, both big and small. But families like yours that play hard have wonderful quiet moments between those adventures which are so much a part of the patchwork of your life story.

There is nothing quite like receiving a gallery full of the big and little moments from the story of your everyday.

family portrait photographer storytime

Documentary photography makes the ordinary extraordinary

Your family energy is the driving force behind me working so hard to capture those memories for you. I adore seeing the love and laughter and all the way through to the tears and tantrums. I know that you probably worry that your house isn’t the right place for photos, but rest assured, it is ABSOLUTELY the perfect place to be photographed.  If you think that your life is just too mundane and routine to be photographed, then you couldn’t be more wrong.  No matter if you’re at home hysterical with laughter over a board game or making breakfast like you do every week, then this is your family in the here and now.

There is nothing boring about the extraordinary ordinary of your world.

This isn’t to say that I’ll never photograph weddings again, because everything can and does change in this crazy life. However, at the moment, I’d like to thank you for continuing to invite me to be part of your family and opting to trust me with the preservation of your memories from pregnancy and beyond.