Hertfordshire bluebell photographer: the gorgeous Emily.

Quite a few years ago now I was exhibiting at the National Wedding Show in London and I met Zoë, who was looking for a photographer. We chatted and then chatted again and she decided that I wasn’t the right photographer for their day because I always presented my couples’ weddings in albums rather than on USB. I was pretty upset when they decided to keep looking, but lo and behold Zoë and Aidan came back to book me (and ended up being in love with their wedding album!) It is still in my memory as one of the most fun weddings I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with. They got married in Durham castle, where they met at university and on top of a lovely humanist ceremony, they all went rowing on the river in the afternoon. It’s still the only bride I’ve ever seen in a row boat and I loved it!

Fast forward a few years and they had the gorgeous Emily and our paths crossed again as they moved out to Hertfordshire. So we arranged to meet up while the bluebells were out to take some family photos of the three of them.

Zoë and Aidan, despite having lived out this way for a matter of weeks, took me to a stunning location that I’d never even heard of before. And the bluebells were just glorious. We barely saw another soul and it was one of those perfect mornings were the world seems so peaceful and beautiful. Emily is such a little sweetheart too so I definitely enjoyed my time with them and photographing her. She is so full of smiles and giggles – just adorable!

So enjoy a few photos of the stunning bluebells and this lovely family. If you fancy some gorgeous family photos of your own and are looking for a Hertfordshire bluebell photographer, sadly you’ve missed your chance till next year! But the summer is just around the corner so please do get in touch if you want to update your family photos. Also, please not that no bluebells were trampled in the taking of these photos…we stuck to paths and picked patches of ground surrounded by bluebells as a background 🙂

Hertfordshire bluebell photographer