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Bag yourself a free highlight video worth £150!

When you book a headshot session, you’ll be treated to a complimentary highlights video on me.

As well as five killer headshots to kick your business up a gear in 2021, you’ll also get a highlights video to show off what you do. These videos are perfect for website headers, social media banners and other marketing. They are a short and sweet way to showcase what you do to your ideal client. And all for free!

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The shoot was great fun – which I wouldn’t have expected to say – I hate having my photo taken normally! Tori really put me at ease and I often forgot I was being photographed. The results are happy, relaxed ‘on message’ photos that I am proud and happy to have to ‘sell’ my business.
I would not hesitate to recommend her!
Kate - Mindset Coach

St Albans natural headshot

Ever feel like this?


You’re putting yourself out there on social media but nobody seems to get the ‘real you’? The market in what you do is just so saturated and it’s so flipping hard to stand out among the noise?

You know social media could really help but the ‘what should I post’ overwhelm is real. Rather than posting about you, you get endlessly side-tracked by that tasty image of cake that someone just posted then… hello rabbit hole!

You’ve had headshots done before. It was cheesy, it was awkward, it was against some white background in an ill-fitting suit and you felt bummed out when you got the photos back. They weren’t you and they weren’t how you wanted people to see you.

The good news is, I’m here to help!

A headshot session with me would be perfect for you if:

You've been looking for a cheese free guarantee so you can finally stop putting your headshot session off!

You want a start to finish service - no stressing. You definitely don't want yet another task like picking images added to your never ending to do list!

You know that you need to get out there more but you've been putting it off for silly reasons like 'waiting to lose weight' - I've got you!

A headshot session with me isn’t a good fit for you if:

You think that selfies are "good enough" because loads of people use them

You don't know why anyone would need more than one headshot

You need more imagery than just headshots - let's chat about branding photography instead!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get headshots ticked off your list and actually have fun while doing them?

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St Albans natural headshot

I get it.

You have a million things to do for your business and making time to work on your business is tough. Doing your headshots with me is a no brainer; it won’t take up loads of your day, the stand out images will be picked for you and delivered swiftly and you can get back to doing what you do best. You’ll have gorgeous images to reintroduce yourself with and for all the other places you can think of to use them.

It’s your shoot your way!

You know your clients best, my job is to help you show that off 🙂 

Your photos will reflect exactly what you need for your business, whether that is more formal images in your office or relaxed headshots cuddling your pooch. 

laughing girl in cable knit jumper and hat during corporate shoot
We commissioned Tori to produce the headshots for our company website and email profiles. She was very friendly and professional and we were all happy with the end result. Customers have even commented on how natural and relaxed our pictures look!
Stuart - IT consultant

headshot of st albans family photographer Tori Deslauriers

I’m Tori and I’m here to help you put your best face forward!


I take story-telling photos for kick-ass businesses like yours. I’m a moth-hating, travel loving, metaphorical plate-spinning Mum who laughs at inappropriate things (but often doesn’t get jokes that others find funny).

When I’m not taking photos of amazing families and businesses, you’ll often find me eating my family’s chocolate while wearing a Comfy (which can only be described as a hoodie for a giant!).

I’m really passionate about helping businesses get in front of their ideal clients and I believe the first step towards that is great imagery.

So what do you get?

A fun, relaxed 30 minute headshot session including one top change

Five beautifully edited digital headshots for you to download

Travel included to your home or workplace within St Albans

Peace of mind knowing your photos represent the real you!

A fabulous showreel video to sell your business

What to do now…

With the ongoing lockdown, I’m prioritising your safety and have opted to put face-to-face client work on hold currently (why risk it when we can wait a few weeks right?).

As such, if you are interested, please add your name to the waiting list, with ZERO OBLIGATION to book a shoot or purchase anything. As soon as this lockdown eases a little I will be in touch to let you know that slots have been released.

The first five people to book will be offered the free showreel video worth £150 in addition to their headshot session. You are, of course, still able to book a headshot session without the showreel video, or upgrade your headshot session to add the showreel video if you would like to.