Harpenden family photos at home

Carrie had me over to their home in Harpenden to photography Matthew the day before his first birthday.  I absolutely love being able to photograph families at home.  Everyone is super relaxed being in their own environment and you get to also capture a little bit of the family’s lifestyle more than just the people that make up the family.  I know a lot of people worry that their houses aren’t big enough or fancy enough to be in photos, but I couldn’t disagree more strongly.  Your house is awesome and perfect and part of the tapestry of your lives so if you’ve been worried about that then DON’T!

We met up at their home which also helped Matthew get used to me being around for more relaxed photos.  He is such a smiley, happy little chappy!  Also, he has the widest range of expressions – you can almost see the cogs turning in his mind as he frowns to figure out how everything was working around him. 

Off to the park!

After exploring every corner of the house, having just worked out how to crawl at speed, we headed to the park to play outside for a bit.  It made me so happy to just watch his parents watch him. They obviously completely adore Matthew and it’s evidently made their family complete.  The looks of sheer joy and huge smiles that spread across their faces when he clapped or laughed was just such a lovely sight.

If you live around the St Albans or Harpenden area and fancy some relaxed photos at home, please do get in touch. I’d love to meet your family and help you capture some memories of whatever stage of life your kids are at.

Massive thanks to Xena, whose family I’d photographed recently, for recommending me on to Carrie. 

Harpenden family photos