Harpenden family photographer: The Sweeney family

One of the favourite parts of my work as a Hertfordshire and Harpenden family photographer is when families invite me back to update their family photos for them.  I’m lucky to have a fair few families that update their photos yearly and it’s something I always look forward to.  It genuinely is the best part of my “job” to see families thriving and growing.

You may remember The Sweeney family from their last family photo shoot which took place a few years ago…

Last time Ben schooled me about dinosaurs and spelling.  I went home vowing to study up but still don’t think I can spell a single dinosaur name!)  Little Ted was just learning to roll over and push himself up and had the most adorable Prodigy style quiff.  Well, what a difference a year and a bit makes!  Now the happy family of four have become a family of five with the addition of little Thomas, who is almost three months old.

Ted is now a energetic toddler who I could barely keep up with around the garden.  What I wouldn’t give to have that much energy!  Ben is still the same sweet, intelligent boy that I met.  This time, however, I learnt all about the books by Rick Riordan and why I should read them!  He is still fascinated by all sorts of creepy crawlies so was searching out spider mites.  He is definitely about a foot taller though!

I loved observing last time that Ben was so sweet, attentive and caring towards baby Ted.  He is now showing exactly the same gentle nature towards Thomas, who he is clearly obsessed with.  It’s also great to see Ted and Ben navigating their relationship as Ted gets old enough to play properly.

It was such a pleasure to spend my morning with this lovely family. Whereas last time the shoot was organised as a surprise for Dad, this time we had a full house which was great and added a different family dynamic.  We even managed to get a family photo of the five of them; no mean feat with a baby who was pretty keen to go to sleep!

Enjoy the photos and if you’re looking for a Harpenden family photographer or updated family photos anywhere in Hertfordshire or the surrounds, please do get in touch.