How would you describe your style?

I generally just love to catch people being natural and the relationships between your family members.  It’s a very relaxed experience as you just carry on as normal.  Of course we’ll get some nice portraits for you to give to the grandparents too!


I hate having my photo taken, what can I do about this?

Don’t even worry about it, so do I!  But you’ll just be enjoying some family time – no awkward posing or anything like that.  Believe me, everyone relaxes into it…


How many pictures do I receive of my family?

After our time together, I edit down your day into the absolutely best of the best shots.  You’ll receive a minimum of 30 photos per hour of photos, but the reality is usually a lot higher than this.   These will all be fully edited and in JPEG format.  I do not provide unedited photos or RAW files.


What albums do you use?

I am really passionate about the albums I use.  I use some amazing companies and do all the design in-house so you have a completely unique, one-of-a-kind heirloom album to enjoy for years to come.


Are you insured?


Of course.  I have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


How soon do I receive my photos & how do I see them?


You’ll have your full gallery within two weeks at the latest… I’m sure they’ll be worth the wait 🙂  They’ll be uploaded into a password protected area of the site so you can grab a glass of wine and watch them at your leisure.



We’re not local, what do we do?


Take me with you! I go on holiday with my families to capture the true relaxation of family holiday time and I travel a lot in the UK.  I find visiting new places hugely inspiring when it comes to taking your photo!  I’m happy to travel to wherever you are, just let me know where and when and I can give you a more detailed quote.


I’m sold! How do I get you as my photographer?

Great, give me a call or drop me a line to tell me!  I’ll then ask for a retainer and signed contract and the date is all yours.