Family photography special offer

I cannot believe that two years ago I was just meeting my little boy for the first time. It seems inconceivable that I never knew him.  And this morning, as I took a little photographic stroll down memory lane I was struck with the idea of running a family photography special offer for the rest of the summer.

You may (or may not!) have noticed that my social media and blog has been remarkably quiet of late.  We, as a family, have spent the last six weeks living in the States.  It just feels like time is running away with us and we get so caught up in the day to day living that we have to do at home. So we took some time out, went to visit the in-laws and just kicked back.  It was amazing.  Firstly to see our son get so much out of his time with his grandparents just made the trip so worthwhile.  But also, it was lovely to have good weather and spend so much time outside.  I know that seems laughable as we’re now mid heatwave and are all complaining about the hot weather, but they have aircon! But I’m back, I too am feeling rather toasty and I’m super excited to get back to “work”.

Exist in photos – only one parent is in photos

I’m sure it’ll come as no shock to anyone that while I was looking through all our photos that I’m not in the vast majority of them.  Sure a bad selfie of me and the boy pops up every now and then but otherwise I look like I’m documenting the life of a single Dad! Dave and I used to joke that if we ever went our separate ways at least he’d have a good stash of photo albums of his life over the last 12 years.  But now we have the little man I’m aware that he is, one day, going to look back and maybe wonder where I was?  Why I’m not in photos with him?  Why I always took the photos?  So I have made a concerted effort to alter this – I’ve booked us in for family photos so that I am in some.  And I want to help make sure that both of you are in your photos too.  It does seem that in the majority of houses it’s the same parent always doing the taking of photos.

Time flies – you don’t realize how much things have changed

I’ve documented all his firsts and all the extraordinary ordinary moments in between. The photos here are his first haircut, his first taste of real food, his first father’s day and other normal moments that make up the fabric of our life.  I’m so used to looking at his lovely little face as it is currently that I easily forget how when he first got home Dave’s hand was half as big as he was. I hadn’t remembered the lovely elastic band arm and leg rolls from 6 months.  I’d forgotten how red his hair was when he was little.  So many moments that have sped past.  So savour the little moments that make up the extraordinary ordinary fabric of your family life.  Make sure you have record of the tears giant tantrums, little tiny toes, sticky hands and sloppy kisses.  They’re gone before you can believe it aren’t they?

So I’d love to help your family make sure they have some memories and updated family photos.  To celebrate my little boy turning two, I’m offering 20% off all session fees and products before the end of August.  Get in touch if you want to find out more and book a time with me!  Take a look through my family portfolio on my website or some recent blog posts if you want a good idea of the photos we could create together.

Family photography special offer