What’s your photography style?

I love to photograph you just being yourself and the family relationships. You’re probably a bit nervous about inviting a stranger into your world, but your family photo session will be super relaxed and fun. And the benefit about a fly on the wall approach is that you don’t have to ‘find time’, just go about your daily life and be prepared to be amazed by how awesome your family is.

Your family may be big and noisy, or small and quiet, but one thing unites all families and that is love.

I hate having my photo taken, what can I do about this?

Don’t worry about it, we all do! The first few minutes you might feel a bit awkward, but everyone relaxes into it… If you’re having photos at home, you’re already in a familiar environment just hanging out and having fun. Read some of the testimonials to get a feel for what it’s like having me around!  And also, give this blog post a read 🙂

Don’t worry, I offer a cheese free guarantee – real smiles only!

​My life is just too dull for photos…

Don’t talk crazy! Your life is awesome in all its extraordinary ordinary moments. You don’t need to be on a big adventure to be interesting. There is beauty in the little quiet moments of life too.

Our house is pretty small and dark, what should we do?

I wrote a whole blog post about why your home is actually the perfect location, because I’m pretty passionate about this. Your home is fabulous just as it is! I’m not there to judge or critique your home, I’m there to capture how you live inside it. Your home is merely the backdrop for your awesome family life.

What happens after the shoot?

After our time together, I edit the absolute best of the best photos. Some will be colour, others black and white depending on the photo and the moment. The full gallery will be emailed to you within two weeks… they’ll be worth the wait! Then you can pick from a la carte options or packages, depending on how you’d like your photos displayed. 

How should I display my photos?

Like the families I photograph, no two homes are the same. As such I offer a la carte options or packages to let you get your photos the way you want them. I am really passionate about the products I have sourced for you to show off your photos. My personal preference is always albums over anything else. Flipping through the pages for years to come beats viewing them on your computer screen every time.

Will you travel to us?

I’m in St Albans, Hertfordshire but travel all over the UK and further afield for families. Your photoshoot is usually in your own home or neighbourhood so I’m happy to go anywhere, just get in touch below and I’ll send you over a brochure. I also go on holiday with families to capture holiday fun!

I’m sold! Can you come and photograph my family?

Great, give me a call or drop me a line to tell me!  I’ll ask for a retainer and completed questionnaire about your family and the date is all yours. I can’t wait to meet you 🙂