East Moseley family photographer: The Swaby-Burleigh family

I’m not sure quite why but I spend a lot of time working as an East Moseley family photographer.  Lucky for me that it’s such a lovely part of London!  And I was super delighted to be back in that neck of the woods to see this lovely family.  I hadn’t seen them since I photographed their gorgeous wedding at Clandon Park a few years ago and then Anthony’s cousin’s wedding the following year.

Since their wedding they’ve been joined by two adorable little boys; Leo and Quinn. So we met up in the Hampton Court Palace gardens to take some photos of the now family of four.  With the flowers out it was very reminiscent of their pre-wedding shoot which was in the same location.

As you’ll see from all three shoots, they have some crazy good luck with the weather given it’s the UK!  The weather when we met up a few weeks ago was insane.  So bright and sunny.  Hot too. It really was such a delight to spend the morning outside, surrounded by flowers, chasing two very energetic little boys around!

While Quinn is only just walking and still pretty little you can just tell they’re going to be great friends.  They spent a lot of the morning holding hands – so sweet!

Hands down my favourite part of the morning was seeing Leo with his ice cream.  Don’t you just love the way kids eat ice cream with such abandon?  Next time I’m definitely just letting all the drips run down my chin too – looks way more fun that way!

I’m so glad I’m able to catch up with so many former wedding couples with their growing families, it really is the best bit about what I do.

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