East Moseley family photographer: The Kenny family

Saturday was just a totally awesome day.  I started it working as an East Moseley family photographer (that’s in Surrey in case you weret sure either!) but I got to hang out with not one, but two, of my wedding couples and catch up with their adorable families.  To see who the second couple was you’ll have to be patient for the next blog post, but I started the morning with Louise and Ian.  Last time I saw Louise & Ian they were a family of three with little Jack.  This time, Jack is not so little…!  In fact, he’s about to start school in September and little Archie has been added to their family.  It was so nice to meet Archie at around the same age I first met Jack.  It’s wonderful to see Jack developing into a young man and see how many of the wonderful qualities he shares with Louise & Ian.  And Archie, what a little poppet!  So happy and carefree throughout the photo session.

When we met up before Louise & Ian were talking about building a house (and I encouraged and sympathised in equal measures as I was knee deep in a massive renovation project!)  Now that house is complete and the final touches are being added to their new, stunning family home.  It’s just the most stylish and perfect space for their lovely family.  That being said, it wasn’t quite finished and we all agreed that not only capturing their growing boys but getting a sense of their other baby and what they’ve been through would be fun.  So the five of us played in their not yet fully furnished house (hello nice simple photos, love it!) and their garden which is still home to scaffolding, slates, mixers and all sorts of other building clobber.  And it has become one of my favourite shoots – I just love capturing life as it really is rather than a sanitised version of how we live.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some photos of this lovely family and I hope I’ll have opportunity to update you on the next stage in their lives too.

If you’re in Surrey or are looking for an East Moseley family photographer to capture your family life as it happens, please do drop me a line 🙂